Pickups + Microphones

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  3. yiorgos arnis says:

    My name is Yiorgos Arnis and I am a double bassist from Greece. I am interested in purchasing “the band” but cannot test it, since noone I know has purchased it. I am a classical player and I am looking for a descent, easy to use amp system. Can you give me some advice on this product. So far I have heard the best but not from bass players.

    Thank you!

  4. Jacques says:

    Hi looking for a double bass mic or piézo.
    Our problem is : it is for a big band; the bass player is close to the drum and the trumpet section ! So we are looking for a mic that will not capture the sound from the band and of course,we need a natural sound for the bass!
    We were thinking of Underwood pick-up or AKG411 ??

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