EMG 4SWType: magnetic
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

The 4SW is a magnetic pickup system designed for Electric Upright Bass. The system was initially designed for Ned Steinberger and is still used on the NS Instruments. Included in the system are 4 individual pickups (5 or 6 also available) and preamp for low impedance output. But there isn’t a “standard” mounting setup for the 4SW.


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3 Responses to EMG

  1. juan ignacio says:

    hola necesito el sw 5 para un upright bass cual es el precio tambien necesito saber cual piezo film es el adecuado para un acoustic bass
    gracias desde argentina

  2. eduardo manzi says:

    Hi, I need to know if you have a magnetic pickup for a five-string upright bass, thanks and hope answer.

  3. reynir hauksson says:

    Where is it possible to buy this product with preamp?

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