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pickups, transducers, contact microphones for Double Bass


TAP bce_22__bBCE – 22

Type: piezo
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

The transducers piezo-elements is embedded in a piece of rubber
and wedged under the bridge wings.
Comes with 1/4 stereo jack, each sensor can be amplified separately.


Type: piezo
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

A copy of the Wilson K4 design, but made with wooden sensor housings.


D 5400 LB (live) / D5400 (Studio)

type: condenser microphone
mode: active (balanced)
preamp/phantom power supply: –

The danish Remic D5400 is available into version: live and studio. It’s mounted into a foam block that wedges under the tailpiece. The microphone capsule needs 48V phantom power, and has a frequency response from 6 – 23KHz.


PureacousticType: piezo
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

similar to the Wilson pickup, but mounted to the bridge leg; comes with preamp built into the jack.
The preamp is rechargeable within seconds and doesn’t need a battery permanently.


type: condenser microphone
preamp: incl. phantom power supply

Another new interpretation of the old Ampeg design from the 1940ies. A small microphone is mounted on top of the ULSA tube endpin, so the microphone captures the sound from the inside of the bass. Comes with phantom power supply.