Type: piezoceramic coaxial cable
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

The Headway piezo-cable Active Bass Pickups fit into a slot routed under the bridge feet, pressured by Maple plugs, and made to measure to touch the instrument top. Send your fitted bridge to Headway, to have this work done by a luthier.


5 thoughts on “Headway

  1. Stash Huchrak

    Ok, got to say out of all pickups I have tried the Headway system was the best, but it still pissed me right off, for £200 I expected more, don’t get me wrong its still better, than what the so called jazzers use like, fishman, shadow, full circle, everyone tels me my bass sounds amazing out front, but on stage its not great, must say it records great, but every where I play I have to spend time getting a sound for that particular stage set, all in all its a good pickup, it wins over the £50 – £140 spend. But this one is not for me. I am now going to dosh out £500 for a Willson pickup, I will post a comment on that as soon as I give it spin. all the best, voice from the UK

  2. Rob Perl

    I bought one of these, but simply drilled a hole the length of the bridge foot the diameter of the cable and pulled it through. The results were really great!

    This is the first piezo pickup that doesn’t feed back. It gets a natural tone over the whole range of the instrument and actually enhances the sound of arco playing.

    Two negative things – the body of the preamp’s too long; a bass is not like a guitar where you can mount the preamp on the strap button. I hid mine on the underside of the tailpiece with the battery. Also – the preamp needs to be grounded to one of the string ferrules; otherwise, you’ll get static electricity interference.

    I don’t use this much, but it’s ideal – almost invisible, and very transparent sounding.


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