Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

The classic version, available since the early 1970ies! Simple handling; the two piezo elements are simply stuck in the slots under the wings of the bridge (as far as the Model of the bridge allows this). A Cello version is also available. This principle found a lot of imitators.


5 thoughts on “Underwood

  1. Aldo Al Sulotto

    This is just THE pu u need. I play LOUD Rockabilly in The Fonz (www.myspace.com/fonzweb) and this is THE pu.

    Just use only 1 of the 2 piezos (the 1 under the E string)

  2. Mike B.

    I agree, anyone who plays loud amplified music should make the Underwood their first choice in a piezo pickup. The Underwood is a long time Rockabilly go-to pickup. This pickup delivers very high feedback resistance, very punchy tone, and picks up the fingerboard click sounds very well without the need for a seperate fingerboard transducer. It is commonly used with just one element on either E or G side, and gets a deeper, less midrange tone this way. Use a preamp with this one for best results.

  3. Mattias S.

    I agree as well. I have been using several different pickups (K&K, Shadow, Schertler) etc but I like this one the best. It’s easy mounted and I use only one of the elements (the G side). Works wonderful for rockabilly and blues. I have experienced feedback though – especially with steel wound strings.

  4. Darren

    I toured in a professional bluegrass band in the early ninties, I used the Underwood because it came with the bass when I bought it. I had people tell me it was the best sounding bass they had ever heard. When the pickup failed, I purchased a Fishman because every bluegrass bass player I knew swore they were the best. Worst decision I have ever made. I gave up the upright in 1995 because of the Fishman. After finding this sight I plan on purchasing one to see if my desire is rekindled. Thanks


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