Six Rounds

The Original
Designed to fit into the bass’s bridge wing

Double Barrel
Essentially, the Double Barrel is an Original Model with an added half tranducer element.  This gives an emphasis on higher frequencies.

Rockabilly Recoil

Designed for the Rockabilly Player, works without batteries.  This system includes the pickup (bridge transducer element and fingerboard transducer element), and the passive preamp. 

One thought on “Six Rounds

  1. Phil Morgan

    This pickup is cheap for what you get and with some alterations can work very well. The large transducers approx 1″ dia fit well into the wings of a bridge.(it is the rockabilly recoil I use, so have only one transducer that fits in the bass bar side of the bridge)

    I found that the pickup has to face toward the double bass body with the cushion above it using a 1″ disc of cork. If it faces the strings i.e. pressed up against the shoulder of the bridge then it has too much treble. I also fit the neck pickup this way by pressing a complete champagne cork suitably trimmed behind the pickup and against the body of the bass. Also easy for removal.

    The blender works well but dosn’t give me the right rockabilly click but somehow does improve the overall tone. A separate channel is required for this to work. Having a blender box means you can experiment with other make pickups that might suit you more.


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