SH950, SH951
Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: optional

Similar the the Underwood pickup. Available with just one element (Sh951) and two elements (SH950).

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: optional

Similar to the Fishman pickup.The four piezo discs are attached to the bridge, one element underneath each string, with double sided adhesive tape.

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: optional

Basic single- or twin-disc transducer.

SH 965 NFX-B
Type: piezofilm
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

The newest model from Shadow. The piezofilm elements mount under the bridge feet. The preamp is attached to the strings between bridge and tailpiece, and runs with a small 3V cell battery.

RB-Pro (Rockabilly Preamp + pickups)
Type: piezo
Mode: passive, incl. preamp
Features: includes bridge pickup (SH951) and fingerboard pickup (SH2500);
preamp runs on 9V battery or wall adaptor; built-in tuner; phase;
bridge channel: EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble), Subsonic, fingerboard channel: Low cut, Treble control

available at

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6 Responses to Shadow

  1. Stash Huchrak says:

    Total pants, I fitted it and sent it back within 5 minutes made me want to throw up it was so bad, why the jazz lot use it, well maybe they don’t know any better, sad pickup.

  2. July caduc says:

    The sound of the bass with a bow is awfull! Playing jazz, the sound is not realist at all, except maybe on the last cord : E…I sold it and i’m trying to find something better.

  3. Paul says:

    Hallo intressting comment, I have one SH950 and it sounds quite ok , when i´m playing not to loud but then the problem comes with the feedback ,, so I´m also looking for somethinh else,, full circle maybe
    what did you choose (I´m plying jazz)

  4. Dave says:

    THE worst pickup ever! As soon as you play with a drum kit the bass is nowhere to be heard. Major problems with feedback – even with a preamp. Total rubbish! You get what you pay for.

  5. Johannes says:

    I think everyone commenting here should distinguish which particular pickup he/she is referring to since the different pickups are not comparable at all.

    I own the SH 965 NFX and I’m quite happy with it, though I haven’t tried the Realist ( yet which is said to sound more natural in pizzicato playing.

    The SH 965 defintely has its strengths: a very good arco sound and active electronics (you can go directly into a mixer if no amp’s available). I’ve never had any serious feedback problems.

  6. Royston says:

    I use the SH 965 NF-X for a mixture of pizz and arco, and while it lacks some of the top-end clarity of the Fishman BP-100, it has loads more pizz ‘kick’, and a far superior arco sound: you can get more dynamic range with the Shadow. Playing arco with the Fishman you had the choice of ‘play loud’ or ‘don’t play’, nothing in between.

    I think it might have taken a little bit off the unamplified volume of the instrument, having the transducers between the top and the bridge, but I may be imagining it: it’s a marginal difference if at all.

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