Type: condenser microphone
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.; dual channel available

The microphone is attached at the bridge from the bottom side with a peg. The Preamp delivered with the microphone allows to go directly into a bass amp. With an additional available blender the microphone signal can be mixed with the signal of the SD piezo pickup.

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passiv
Preamp: optional; dual channel available

Similar to the Fishman BP100 pickup.The four piezo elements are attached to the bridge, one element underneath each string, with double sided adhesive tape.

2 thoughts on “SD-Systems

  1. Stefan

    I tried both the microphone and the piezos from SD. The piezos sounded awful. The microphone was better, but I missed to low end. I didn’t liked to mount the mike to the bridge at all, either. So I sold it.

  2. Johannes Schaedlich

    My experiences: the mike sounds very natural, the application onto the bass bridge is easy. I like to use the mike on live gigs to have it run directly to the house/monitors. Also for recordings – in a studio/recording situation it gives a clear sound, though not as much low end “round” sound as larger mics, so I usually have it in addition to some Neumann U-87 or so. That works greatly.


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