Type: magnetic
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

This pickup is sold since the 1950ies. It is attached to the end of the fingerboard with some screws, and has a built-in volume control.

3 thoughts on “Schaller

  1. Aldo Al Sulotto

    Look: that’s a pretty nice pu, but u’ll have to place it well. Attached only with its stuff, the Schaller won’t rexist ti your slap: the screws will fly away and it will fall down. Just place it betetr from the beguinning, and use something more to fix it.

  2. Aldo Al Sulotto

    just passed from that mag to an underwood (piezo)…the underwood is just nicer: no feedback, passive sound, very very cool to me. And take care: i play LOUD because The Fonz is a Rockabilly band.

    Just use Underwood with 1 pu only!

  3. John Bender

    I have the Schaller. The sound is nice, but I’m always fighting to stop the unit from vibrating. The 1/4 input jack vibrates and ruins the sound. I even have gone as far as taped it with electrical tape, but still must constantly monitor it. It’s really too bad, because the pickup allows me to play loud without any feedback.


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