Schatten Design

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

The UB-03 has the size of a coin and is attached to the bridge with double sided adhesive tape.

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive or active
Preamp: (incl.)

The construction of this new model from Schatten is similar to the old Polytone: the piezo is wedged between the bridge legs by means of a thread. A second sensor is attached to the bridge with double-sided adhesive tape. Schatten offers a passive and an active version (with battery powered preamp) of this pickup system.

One thought on “Schatten Design

  1. tomas bouda

    i own this pickup, and have owned one for the past three or four years. it has always given me a clear and accurate (pure too!) sound of my bass. seriously, an awesome pickup!


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