BassBalsereit (ANS)

Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive or active
Preamp: optional

This pickup consists of a conical brass pin which is 4 cm long and as thick as a pencil. This pin is simply put into a conical hole drilled into the top end of the foot of the bridge. If you turn this brass pin in the bridge, you can adapt the sound to your instrument.

Besides the passive version, available for 15 years now, two improved active versions has recently been launched by Michael Schäfer, who took over the manufacturing from Willy Balsereit: the aktiv and the studio model. For these models, a miniature preamp (sized 4 x 6 mm) has been built into the brass cone. Existing older versions can be updated by the manufacturer.
The Bassbalsereit aktiv and studio models work with 7–48 V phantom power. While the aktiv can be used on balanced or unbalanced inputs, a balanced input (e.g. mixing console) is mandatory for the studio model. For the aktiv model, a DI box with phantom power supply is available, so it can easily be used with all kind of bassamps and mixing consoles.,

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6 thoughts on “BassBalsereit (ANS)

  1. Nico

    I’m playing the upright for about ten years professional.
    I tried a lot of PU’s but I have to say that so far I like the Balsereit the most. I like it if the bass still sounds acoustically when it’s amplified. I tried the B. against the Realist simultaneously on all of my basses and always liked the B. more. Especially when you go directly to a PA the sound is amazing, but in that case you have to use a preamp, otherwise the signal is too low. The disadvantage though is that you have to drill a conic hole in your bridge. Other than that for my taste this PU comes close to a microphone.

  2. Mats Ericsson

    I’ve used the Balsereit a few years now and I’m satisfied. But it takes a while to find the right angel for the PU. Especially when you go through a preamp you can find several sounds by twisting the PU. Some are really bad and some are sounding quite good.

    I’ve found that a good amplifier/loudspeaker is just as important as the PU.

    But trust me – the Balsereit is good.

  3. Johannes Schaedlich

    As using these pickups since 2000 or so – and having compared it to some others – I can say: it´s one of the best systems. Certainly still every bass player needs to find out the right combination of all gear elements according to personal sound preferences – I bleieve this pickup should belong to the ones to try out.
    A new “active version” is on the market now, as far as I know. I´ll have it on my bass very soon, for sure.

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  5. Andre St.James

    How can try this pick-up.What one should i use standard or studio for live performance? My amp is a 500W E,a Doubler that has xlr and phantom power and
    would i still need to use a pre amp box.

    Bright Moments, Double Bassist U.S.A, Andre’ St.James


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