Type: magnetic
Mode: active
Preamp: –

A magnetic pickup for double bass, mounted at the end of the fingerboard. The Bryk pickup has a quadrophonic output; the volume of each string can be adjusted individually. Works both pizzicato and arco.

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10 Responses to Bryk

  1. patryca says:

    Made in Poland!!

  2. MARIO JORGE says:

    how can I buy this pickup, I live in BRAZIL?

  3. MARIO JORGE says:

    how much is the value of the pickup.

  4. Jonas says:

    I don’t know. Please contact the maker directly!

  5. cruz says:

    contact to mr. bryk:

  6. wayne says:

    i have been trying to find a bryk double bass pick up for my futurama resonet but am unable to find one, can you help??

  7. cruz says:

    have you looked in there are some products of bryk pickups.
    the other option is to contact bryk.

  8. eduardo manzi says:

    Hi, I need to know if you have a magnetic pickup for a five-string upright bass, thanks and hope answer.

  9. Hi,

    I have been looking for information on Bryk magnetic double bass pick-ups for sometime now but web-site seems to be down. Is there any distributors in UK for this product?


    • Pieter says:

      Leszek Bryk is curently working for Hohner Germany as a guitar production manager,so I guess you could contact him through the company.He takes special orders occasionally

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