Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: optional; several preamps (single/dual channnel) available

Two piezo plates are stuck to the top side of the bridge by means of two metal pegs. (Alternatively, the piezo elements can be glued on.)
This pickup is offered since 1979, and has been sold over 75,000 times so far, as Larry Fishman states.

Full Circle Pickup
Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: optional; several models (single/dual channnel) available

Encased inside an aluminium height adjuster wheel of the bridge, which are very easy to install of you already have adjusters with the same thread in your bridge. The sound can be adjusted by turning the wheel some degrees.

Fishman/Crown microphone
Type: condenser microphone
Mode: active
Preamp: mandatory; several preamps (dual channnel) available

Fishman offers a small microphone from Crown as a supplement to or budled with the BP100. It is attached to the bridge and has a short gooseneck. Both signals can be mixed with a Fishman Blender dual channel preamp.

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One thought on “Fishman

  1. Stefan

    I used to play the BP100 for many years, but from today’s point of view, it sounded rather bad. Too many finger noise. But I occassionally tried the Full Circle, which seems to be a quite good pickup.


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