Type: piezoceramic
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

The strings are picked up by small cylinder shaped piezo elements with the size of 5 x 15 mm installed directly underneath the strings in holes drilled into the bridge. The volume and sound of each string can be regulated individually by turning the elements.

The Wilson PU is also available as single element PU, which can be installed into the bridge’s leg. Depending on its position, the element capture more of the strings’ or the body’s vibrations.

available at www.kontrabass-atelier.de


3 thoughts on “Wilson

  1. Mads Eliasen

    I’m pretty sure this i s the best pick-up in the world. A nice full and warm tone, even without using a preamp. And though there has to be drilled four holes in your bridge, it’s pretty easy to install. The drill comes with the pickup.

    Dansih bassplayer, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP) never used another pickup, once he heard the wonderful Wilson-sound.

  2. Stash Huchrak

    I have tried quite picups from £100 to a Headway at £200, not bad , but not good enougth, I came across the willson on this site and fainted at the price, and thought it has to be good, so I bought one, fitted it expecting the world to move before my feet, oh what a let down I tried it through Ampeg, SWR, no volume, I spoke with wilson, he said it doesen’t need a pre amp, he sent me another to try, still the same, so i put it through a preamp and bingo, it sounded great, but not good enougth, I thought for £600 this is insane, it had to be good for that price, so I bought an Acustic Image amp, when it arrived I just plugged in without preamp and the world moved beneath my feet, the two are a marrige made in heaven, great sound, but it cost £1,800 to get my double bass to sound natural. for recording I took a direct out from the acoustic Image amp, it was very good, but I prefered an SE 4400a


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