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Symphonic Jazz Orchestra + Christian McBride

George Duke’s Concerto for Christian McBride will premiere at a free UCLA 
concert that will feature the 67-member Symphonic Jazz Orchestra (LA), conducted by Mitch Glickman. McBride will appear as bass soloist in the new commissioned work composed by composer/keyboardist/producer … Continue reading

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Phil Palombi on Scott LaFaro’s Prescott

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the untimely death of jazz great Scott LaFaro. Phil Palombi, author of the Scott La Faro transcription book, has recorded a tribute CD to this bass legend, which is now available. This recording features piano great (and … Continue reading

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Gemini soundpost setting tool

If you don’t use the traditional, S-shaped sounpost setting tool very often, setting the soundpost can really be a big challenge. The new Gemini sounpost setting tool holds the soundpost securely against the saddle at the tip of the tool, … Continue reading

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Jazz.FM91: web radio app for iPhone/iPod

A couple of apps turn your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad into a web radio. I’ve been using a lot, but the available music has recently become less exiting, in my opinion. I now have discovered the Jazz.FM91 app at the App … Continue reading

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Updated: iRealBook Editor

Massimo Biolcati, double bassist from NYC and developper of the iRealBook iPhone-App has updated his iRealBook Editor software for Mac. Even if you don’t own a iPhone (or iPod touch), the iRealBookEditor is a really useful piece of software. You … Continue reading

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”Coda“: a new book on Double Bass setup and repair

Chuck Treager, bass luthier and author, has published a new book: Coda to “Setup and Repair of the Double bass” – New Sound Setup Discoveries & Repair Tips. With it’s 64 pages, Coda is a much thinner book than Traeger’s … Continue reading

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Swiss Army knife for bass amplification: the EDB1 preamp

The new EDB1, recently launched by the british company Headway, is a very versatile compact external pre-amplifier box with a couple of features you usually miss with bass amps. The EDB1 has two channels; inputs are Mono Jack, Stereo Jack … Continue reading

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Update: iRealBook 2.2

Massimo Biolcati has released version 2.2 of iRealBook for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. What’s new in version 2.2: • Apple iPhone OS3.0 is required • 75 more songs added for a total of 700 • New font for improved … Continue reading

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The Art of Slap Bass

Bassist Djordje Stijepovic has recently launched a new double bass website: The Art of Slap Bass. This site features news, interviews, articles and a forum about slapping the bass. The interview #1 features French bassplayer Nicholas Dubouchet, who has published … Continue reading

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New iApp: iRealBook

My latest download from the iTunes App Store is iRealBook. Developped by double bassist Massimo Biolcati from Brooklyn/NYC, iRealBook features the chord changes of more than 600 RealBook tunes. Due to copyright laws, melodies and lyrics are missing – but … Continue reading

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