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Jazz.FM91: web radio app for iPhone/iPod

A couple of apps turn your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad into a web radio. I’ve been using last.fm a lot, but the available music has recently become less exiting, in my opinion. I now have discovered the Jazz.FM91 app at the App Store, which immedieately became my new favourite! Jazz.FM91 is  a Jazz radio station from Canada, which is available worldwide via the internet. With the new iPhone app, you not only can enjoy their radio shows via live stream, they also offer Podcasts, additional web radio streams (“singers” or “contemporary Jazz“), a feature to listen their shows while using other apps (“background”), direct links to their website, program schedule, twitter, webblog, etc …
Five stars from me!

Update: iRealBook 2.2

Massimo Biolcati has released version 2.2 of iRealBook for Apple iPhone and iPod touch.
What’s new in version 2.2:
• Apple iPhone OS3.0 is required
• 75 more songs added for a total of 700
• New font for improved readability
• Landscape mode with extra large font
• Support for multiple playlists with independent transpositions
• Improved backup
• Custom color themes (e .g. almond background and black text, or white text on beaver, or many else)
• Songs and playlists can now be emailed without leaving the app
• Added 12/8 time signature
• Added 9#5, 13#11, 5, 2, add9 chord qualities
• Fixed a bug that would prevent the opening of emailed songs on OS3.0

New iApp: iRealBook

iRealBookMy latest download from the iTunes App Store is iRealBook. Developped by double bassist Massimo Biolcati from Brooklyn/NYC, iRealBook features the chord changes of more than 600 RealBook tunes. Due to copyright laws, melodies and lyrics are missing – but as a bass player, you don’t necessarily need them. Having 600+ tunes in your pocket is great, but being able to transpose them instantly to any key is a killer. “Round Midnight in A major? No problem, dear vocalist … !“

You can choose tunes alphabetical, by composer or style, and you can put together playlists. Existing tunes can be corrected or changed, and you can add new, own tunes to your library. Fellow musicians without iRealBook, but an iPhone, can get particular tunes by email.

I rate this iApp five stars!

Main Features of iReal Book 2.1 :

• Song Editor that allows the user to modify existing songs and to create new ones.
• Ability to share user modified or created songs via email.
• 600 songs included (see Song List page).
• Each Song can easily be transposed to any key.
• Each chord sheet fits on one screen, no need to scroll.
• Big fonts, easily legible from a distance.
• Night theme option (white notation over black).
• Swipe to next/previous song.
• Ability to create playlists.
• Eb and Bb transpositions for horn players.
• Option to disable screen auto-lock.
• Growing database of songs (requests and submissions are welcomed).