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Updated: iRealBook Editor

Massimo Biolcati, double bassist from NYC and developper of the iRealBook iPhone-App has updated his iRealBook Editor software for Mac. Even if you don’t own a iPhone (or iPod touch), the iRealBookEditor is a really useful piece of software. You can put together leadsheets very fast, transpose the changes, and print them out or send as PDF. Besides this, Massimo has also launched a Forum – you can now send your tunes to the iRealBook Forum, and discuss and share your transcribed changes with other musicians. You can also find and download a couple of alternate versions and new tunes there, that don’t come with the iPhone app (yet). Massimo has solved this integration very simple, but elegant.

Being a Bassist and more

Rufus ReidBassist Rufus Reid has written an article on “Being a Bassist” for the magazine All About Jazz – New York:

“The bassist of any group or ensemble is the core, the foundation, the ‘rock’, one who stabilizes the unit when it becomes shaky and the individual that everyone depends on dearly ‘to always be there!’ (…) All members in the group desire a positive, confident and consistent posture by the bassist. The desired musician has what everyone wants and needs to make the ensemble the best. Let’s explore the necessary aspects that will make you that desired bassist.”

You can download PDF of the current issue (that also feautures an interview with bassist Larry Ridley) at the magazine’s website for free.