”Coda“: a new book on Double Bass setup and repair

Chuck Treager, bass luthier and author, has published a new book: Coda to “Setup and Repair of the Double bass” – New Sound Setup Discoveries & Repair Tips.
With it’s 64 pages, Coda is a much thinner book than Traeger’s first volume, but also filled to bursting with Double Bass know-how, too. Many chapters reference to the first volume, but feature many new ideas and observations. In some issues, Traeger even correct himself or specify particular details. Being written as a sequel, Coda can also be read without knowing the first volume – for inspiratition and fresh ideas for double bassrepairs and sound optimization.

The endpin – mightier than  the sound post
How to make  the bass louder and responsive
Simplifying mode matching
making a bass brighter or darker
more about sound posts
and many more ….

Chuck Traeger: “About the title, the dictionary definition of the word “coda” is:
music; A: a concluding passage, the function of which is to bring a composition to a cogent and well-proportioned close. My wife, June, suggested this title because that is exactly what I am doing here. This booklet is the conclusion of my research and my writing. It is not that there is no more to be done. It is that at eighty three I am running out of the time to do it.”

The book is available from Henry Strobel’s website, or (in Europe) also at www.JonasLohse.de.

Edit: I accidentally found an ooold photo of the author Chuck Traeger, which was taken in 1948 for the Down Beat magazine: http://memory.loc.gov

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