Swiss Army knife for bass amplification: the EDB1 preamp

headway edb1The new EDB1, recently launched by the british company Headway, is a very versatile compact external pre-amplifier box with a couple of features you usually miss with bass amps.
The EDB1 has two channels; inputs are Mono Jack, Stereo Jack and XLR – great for blending different piezo pickups and/or microphones. The Input Impedance Switches on each channel allow you to optimize the voicing for any of the major piezo pickup types. Phantom power is also available to Jack In and XLR Inputs, making the unit friendly for use with quality Condenser Mics and with active pickups needing powering.
For shaping the sound, the EDB1 has a five band interactive EQ, switchable input impedance (a very unique feature) and three way range switch (high pass filter) which cut unwanted low end tones, below the useable frequency range of the instrument. This cuts body handling noise, unwanted resonaces, feedback and bowing noise. Feedback and other resonance problems may be further tackled by a very effective, broad ranging tunable notch filter and a Phase Reverse control.
Outputs are via a balanced XLR D.I. out and a line out Jack. If an earth loop is heard causing hum, you may kill it by pressing the Earth Lift Switch. The two outputs also allow you to split the signal, such as between double bass amp for stage monitoring and an out front mixing desk. Powering is via two 9v Batteries, or via plug in DC Power supply.

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