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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015


The Frankfurt Musikmesse will take place from April 15 to 18. Like last year, double basses and accessories will be exhibited at hall 3.1.
Jazz at the Freitagsküche: if you aren’t tired from the exhibition, the Freitagsküche might be the hang out venue for you! On Friday, April 17., we are going to have a Jazz Jam Session there, starting at 21:30 with Marcus Becker Quartet as opener band.
Directions: just around the corner from the fairground, at the backyard of Mainzer Landstr. 105 (it’s the same building where our Kontrabass-Atelier is located in).

8th Kontrabass Kaleidoskop at Kloster Michaelstein (Germany)

March 22.–29., 2015 at Kloster Michaelstein (Blankenburg/Harz, Germany)

“Kaleidoscope” – that brings to mind the eyes of astonished children when they see colourful stars light up. Coming to Michaelstein for the first time, some participants are astonished in a similar way by the special atmosphere of the “Double-Bass Kaleidoscope”: there’s spontaneous improvisation in the evening over olives, wine and cheese, and many “classical” players turn out to be practised jazz musicians; fingering, bowing and types of rosin are discussed in the meadow, over table tennis and in the monastery garden; everyone practises, rehearses and performs tirelessly; impressive concerts are given. Above all, there is learning in a carefree, relaxed and open way. No pressure to succeed, no showcase, no competition. “The most superb bass festival there is!” some participants say. Is it because people have the opportunity to look beyond the end of their own nose and to have open exchanges about various playing techniques, musical interpretations and first audition experiences? Are the morning warm-up exercises or the evening table-tennis tournaments the reason? Is it due to the fantastic nature surrounding the Michaelstein monastery, or the first-class conditions found here? Or is it simply all of these things that make the event something special? However it may be… come and join us too, get an idea of it and benefit from double-bass soloists from around the world passing on their experiences.

Silvio Dalla Torre (Rostock/GER)
Stanislau Anishchanka (Köln/GER)
Matthias Weber (Stuttgart/GER)
Luo Bing (Shanghai/CHN)
Frank Thönes (Rostock/GER) – Neue Musik
Christian Weber (Zürich/CH) – Jazz
Joshua Cheatham (Utrecht/B) – Alte Musik
Angela Gebler (München/GER) – Physiotherapie

more informations and registration:; registration deadline: February 22, 2015.

1er salon du violon, de l’alto, du violoncelle et de la contrebasse

29. + 30. Nov. 2014, 10:00 a.m., La Bellevilloise, Paris (France), 6€ la journée / 10€ le week end

Un salon du violon pour y rencontrer son instrument.
Un instrument fait pour chaque personnalité, chaque style de jeu, un violon, un alto, un violoncelle, une contrebasse à sa main, à son oreille, au son unique, au son particulier. Une relation entre soi et son luthier est la clé de tous ces paramètres qui restent pour beaucoup encore chargés de mystères.

Pour ce 1er salon du violon au 21e Siècle à Paris, la rencontre avec les luthiers et archetiers français permettra d’admirer et de découvrir un savoir faire particuliers unique, transmis de génération en génération mais en perpétuelle évolution. La lutherie française rayonne aujourd’hui dans le monde entier par son savoir faire et ses innovations. Les formes, les techniques, les vernis, la qualité des bois sont toujours au centre de la création magique de cet instrument de musique.
Son archet «baguette» indispensable est d’une importance capitale, L’archeterie française est elle aussi en pleine évolution et sera à cet important rendez vous pour les musiciens.

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Gary Karr at the 2014 TCU International Double Bass Festival

Gary Karr headlines the 2014 TCU International Double Bass Festival,
March 8-9 at the TCU School of Music. All recitals and masterclasses in the PepsiCo Recital Hall will be webcast live, including Gary Karr’s recital on Saturday, March 8th at 7:30 pm.

Tickets for any recital at the bass fest can be purchased for $10 at the registration desk. Day of auditor tickets are only $20 ($15 in advance) for the festival.

Also featuring:
Jeff Bradetich (University of North Texas)
William Clay (Fort Worth Symphony)
Paul Ellison (Rice University)
Blaise Ferrandino (TCU composer and bassist)
Jessica Gilliam-Valls (Southwestern University)
Kyp Green (TCU professor of jazz bass)
Michael Klinghoffer (Israel, Jerusalem)
Eugene Levinson (The Juilliard School)
Jiwu Li (Shanghai Conservatory)
Yuan Xiong Lu (TCU)
Szymon Marciniak (Polish virtuoso)
Mark Morton (Texas Tech University)
David Neubert (Austin Symphony)
Brian Perry (Fort Worth Symphony)
Frank Proto (bassist & composer)
Nicholas Scales (West Texas A&M University)
John Schimek (Oklahoma City University)
Lynn Seaton (University of North Texas professor of jazz bass)
Tian Rui Zhao (Shenyang Conservatory)
TianYang Liu (First Prize Winner of the 2013 ISB Solo Competition)
Brazil’s UFMG Double Bass Group.

Barcelona Bass Festival

On May 18.–19., a Bass Festival will take place at Barcelona/Spain.
Artists: Gary Karr & Harmon Lewis, Josep Mª Anguera, Alberto Bocini, Carré de Basses, Jonathan Camps, Sávio de la Corte, Diana Gannett, Simon Garcia, Kristin Korb, David Murray, Volkan Orhon, Dmitry Smyshlyaev, Hector Tirado and Diego Zecharies.

More info:

Download the magazine:

Battle of Copenhagen (Bass2012 / Aug, 17th)

In August, Copenhagen will be the place to be for double bass players from all around the world. Andreas Bennetzen is going to organize a big event that all players attending Bass2012 can take part:

Be part of the biggest double bass orchestra concert ever!

My name is Andreas Bennetzen and I am a classically trained double bass player, contemporary composer and former chairman of the Danish Bass Society.

My partners in the art-group Live Art Installations and I, would like to invite YOU, to take part in a very special theatrical double bass concert. The concert takes place during the international BASS 2012 convention in Copenhagen.

On August 17th we are staging a spectacular outdoor concert. We call it the ‘Battle of Copenhagen’, but instead of firing canons, we will be shooting explosive double bass music from a gigantic double bass orchestra, with spectacular light and fire installations accompanied by historic war ships.

The concert features 150-200 double bassist playing live. A breathtaking choreography of historic sailing ships, floating dancers and light and fire installations on the water.
The event takes place in the beautiful old parts of Copenhagen Harbor, close to the Little Mermaid, and is inspired by the old sea battle of 1801.

The concert is supported by The Danish Art Council and the team behind is dedicated to making this a both unique and pleasant experience for you.
We would consider it an honor if you took part in this event, and helped us in making the 17th of August an evening not soon to be forgotten.

A film of the concert will be made. Free to share on You-Tube with friends and colleagues.

All you have to do is
1. Be available and in Copenhagen the 17th August 2012.
2. Take part in one or two rehearsals in the days before the event. Rehearsals will take place in the Opera.

To join the bass orchestra or more information about the ‘Battle of Copenhagen’ event, please contact Andreas Bennetzen,