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Battle of Copenhagen (Bass2012 / Aug, 17th)

In August, Copenhagen will be the place to be for double bass players from all around the world. Andreas Bennetzen is going to organize a big event that all players attending Bass2012 can take part:

Be part of the biggest double bass orchestra concert ever!

My name is Andreas Bennetzen and I am a classically trained double bass player, contemporary composer and former chairman of the Danish Bass Society.

My partners in the art-group Live Art Installations and I, would like to invite YOU, to take part in a very special theatrical double bass concert. The concert takes place during the international BASS 2012 convention in Copenhagen.

On August 17th we are staging a spectacular outdoor concert. We call it the ‘Battle of Copenhagen’, but instead of firing canons, we will be shooting explosive double bass music from a gigantic double bass orchestra, with spectacular light and fire installations accompanied by historic war ships.

The concert features 150-200 double bassist playing live. A breathtaking choreography of historic sailing ships, floating dancers and light and fire installations on the water.
The event takes place in the beautiful old parts of Copenhagen Harbor, close to the Little Mermaid, and is inspired by the old sea battle of 1801.

The concert is supported by The Danish Art Council and the team behind is dedicated to making this a both unique and pleasant experience for you.
We would consider it an honor if you took part in this event, and helped us in making the 17th of August an evening not soon to be forgotten.

A film of the concert will be made. Free to share on You-Tube with friends and colleagues.

All you have to do is
1. Be available and in Copenhagen the 17th August 2012.
2. Take part in one or two rehearsals in the days before the event. Rehearsals will take place in the Opera.

To join the bass orchestra or more information about the ‘Battle of Copenhagen’ event, please contact Andreas Bennetzen, www.andreasbennetzen.dk

Bass2012: Newsletter

The team of Bass2012 (the BASSEUROPE foundation / European Society of Bassists ESB) has recently sent a newsletter with informations about the event, taking place in August at Copenhagen/DK.

It is our pleasure and honour to announce the three classical competitions.

With the support from some of the best bass players and generous sponsors the competitions have a top-class international jury and prizes for an amount of more than 20.000 Euro.

The three divisions are:

The Danish and Nordic hosting team is working on the program of recitals/concerts, master classes, music philosophical symposium, seminars, Young Bassists Camp, Young Jazz Stage, Nordic Day, exhibition with workshops, makers competition, bass highlights and the establishment of a broad democratic embedding of BASSEUROPE.

We are constantly moving – and will keep you informed by this Newsletter.

Help us spreading the news to your colleagues and students – this is an outstanding chance to develope bass playing and make people play the bass!

TEAM of leadership

14-19th of August