Bass2012: Newsletter

The team of Bass2012 (the BASSEUROPE foundation / European Society of Bassists ESB) has recently sent a newsletter with informations about the event, taking place in August at Copenhagen/DK.

It is our pleasure and honour to announce the three classical competitions.

With the support from some of the best bass players and generous sponsors the competitions have a top-class international jury and prizes for an amount of more than 20.000 Euro.

The three divisions are:

The Danish and Nordic hosting team is working on the program of recitals/concerts, master classes, music philosophical symposium, seminars, Young Bassists Camp, Young Jazz Stage, Nordic Day, exhibition with workshops, makers competition, bass highlights and the establishment of a broad democratic embedding of BASSEUROPE.

We are constantly moving – and will keep you informed by this Newsletter.

Help us spreading the news to your colleagues and students – this is an outstanding chance to develope bass playing and make people play the bass!

TEAM of leadership

14-19th of August

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