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How playing the double bass benefits your brain

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At Michael Hartery’s workshop

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BCE – 22 Type: piezo Mode: passive Preamp: – The transducers piezo-elements is embedded in a piece of rubber and wedged under the bridge wings. Comes with 1/4 stereo jack, each sensor can be amplified separately. BAE S4 Type: piezo … Continue reading

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Microphone manufacturer Schoeps offers two microphone mounts for double bass. Model VA4 mounts to the ribs, and VA5 mounts to the bridge. Both work with Schopes microphones CCM2 or CCM8 (capsules MK 2 or MK 8)

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Jazz Skateboards

      More sports in 2016? Here you go: get a skateboard from manufacturer Western Union featuring Jazz heroes like Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker … Western Union also offers boards for double bassists, featuring pictures of Richard Davis, … Continue reading

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MK Sombrero

Type: piezoceramic Mode: passive Preamp: – Basically the same principle as the Polytone pickup from the 1970ies, but made of wood instead of brass.

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Paper Bass

An amazing double bass made of paper  … with 5 strings! Found at

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Playing bass for laughs

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Sears & Roebuck catalogue anno 1902

Back in the early days of the 20th century, the Sears company published mail-order catalogues that offered nearly everything: clothes, shoes, hardware, construction materials, bicycles …  they even started to make their own line of automobiles in 1906. Of course, they also carried all … Continue reading

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A new Octobass at Oslo/Norway

More about this newly built Octobass at,

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