Audiosprockets Tone Dexter

type: preamp
features: boost switch for solos, bass and treble EQ, sweepable notch filter for feedback suppression, character control, latency less than 1ms, 1/4″ pickup input/high impedance (1MΩ), XLR DI output, XLR mic input with 48V phantom supply (used for training the Tone Dexter)

ToneDexter is a preamp for acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin as well as upright bass. It is designed to “restores the missing body sound to an instrument’s ordinary piezo pickup”. In order to use the Tone Textet, you first play with both a mic and your pickup plugged in while ToneDexter learns the difference between your pickup sound and the mic sound. Then, put the mic away and just use the pickup … but with the sound of the mike, which is digitally rebuilt by the preamp.

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