fishman blenderBass Blender
Type: preamp/blender; dual channel
Features: piezo channel/mic channel, bass/mid/treble controls for each channel, 4,5V phantom power

Designed for the Fishman BP100 piezo pickup and the Fishman/Crown condenser microphone.

Model BII
Type: preamp
Features: bass/trebel/volume controls; 9V battery powered

Fishman Pro EQProEQ Platinum Bass
Type: preamp, DI
Features: 5-band graphic EQ, depth control, compression, XLR DI with ground lift;
9V battery powered, phantom powered or AC adapter

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  1. Mario Grillo says:

    The B-II-An inexpensive impedance matching presence box that sounds good. I use it to up my treble out of my amp.

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