Gallien-KruegerType: combo amp
Power rating: 100W@8 Ohms (internal speaker), 150W@4 Ohms
Driver: 12″ speaker
Features: Bass/LowMids/HighMids/Treble, Low Cut, High Boost, Contour, variable Limiter, Effect Loop
Size: 13.7″ x 15″ x 8.5″
Weight: 24lbs.

Type: combo amp
Power rating: 100W@8Ohms (internal speaker), 150W@4Ohms
Driver: 12″ speaker
Features: Bass/Treble controls, parametric EQ Midbands, Low Cut, High Boost, Contour, Limiter, Effect Loop, Stereo Chorus
Size: 13.7″ x 15″ x 8.5″
Weight: 24lbs.

Both amps are also available as amp heads (weight 7.2 lbs). 

One thought on “Gallien-Krueger

  1. admin Post author

    This was the second amp I bought for double bass, about 15 years ago (the first one was a Polytone). I really liked the small size and its power. But I disliked the lack of a high impedance (piezo) input, and the sound.


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