New practising materials is a new website by Geoff Chalmers, providing freely available video lessons for double bass in HD quality. Geoff covers topics like standing posture, sitting position and good posture, scales and arpeggios, cycles of 5ths, right hand exercises, accurate shifting, and others.
Based in the UK, Geoff has performed on numerous gigs, shows, cruise ships, tours and recording sessions. He has a degree in jazz bass, as well as a postgraduate diploma in classical music. In addition to being a busy freelance bassist Geoff is also an experienced educator teaching bass at schools, colleges and universities, as well as private students., a resource for sheet music, has published some new transcriptions of music featuring the double bass: “Our bass corner has been created with the player in mind, to focus on improving technique and expanding repertoire. It’s a tool to learn about great bassists, to listen to them, and to learn how to incorporate their techniques while developing one’s own sound. It’s also a great resource for the accomplished bassist to get pieces that showcase the bass and let them have some fun fine-tuning their chops, and then showing off.”

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