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pickups, transducers, contact microphones for Double Bass

Superior Bassworks

TM Billy Special

Type: piezo
Preamp: optional

A pickup  with two sensors: a bridge wing slot mounted one, and one for the fingerboard (slap). The jack is a stereo jack, so you can use the signal of each sensor individually with an optional two channel preamp.

TM Tone Master, Two Tone

Type: piezo
Preamp: optional

With one (Tone Master) or two (Two Tone) bridge wing slot sensors.


The Ischell AirBag is a condenser contact microphone, and gets mounted to the instrument’s top by means of putty. For the needs of different instruments, it’s available in a variety of models. It comes with a small preamp with three preamp voicings: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz.



type: contact microphone
preamp: incl.
frequency response: 40 / 16000Hz
size: 8,5 x 16,7 mm



type: microphone
preamp: incl.
frequency response: 40 / 18000Hz
size: 12,75  x 21 x 12 mm
omnidirectional miniature microphone, to combine with AirBag-C

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Stock Innovation


Type: piezo
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

This pickup gets permanently installed into the bass bar side bridge foot. For installation, the leg gets cut off and the piezo inlayed into the wood – this needs a qualified luthier.
What looks like a preamp on the photo is a small passive (no batteries!) EQ unit that gets mounted to the tailpiece. This tone filter cuts off high frequencies and offers 4 presets (2 switches), suited for arco and pizziciato.


Ehrlund pickup
Type: contact microphone (?)
Mode: passive
Preamp: opt.

The contact pickup is mounted with an adhesive material (tack-it) to the instrument’s top, preferably near the bridge. The material is applied to the 3 corners with small balls, 3-5 mm.
A high impedance input or preamp is recommended (and available by the manufacturer).

available at



Lieg DB05DB05

Type: Electret
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

This pickup has two sensors, each mounted to a bridge wing. For each sensor, a small wooden shelf must be glued onto the bridge. The preamp has a control to blend the two pickup sources, a treble cut filter and a build-in battery check circuit.

Available from Hubert Liegois, maker of the Lieg DBA200 amp

Hubert Liegeois, Tel. ++33 (0)6 19 16 93 40
hubert.liegeois [a t] (website currently not available)



EMG 4SWType: magnetic
Mode: active
Preamp: incl.

The 4SW is a magnetic pickup system designed for Electric Upright Bass. The system was initially designed for Ned Steinberger and is still used on the NS Instruments. Included in the system are 4 individual pickups (5 or 6 also available) and preamp for low impedance output. But there isn’t a “standard” mounting setup for the 4SW.

Six Rounds

The Original
Designed to fit into the bass’s bridge wing

Double Barrel
Essentially, the Double Barrel is an Original Model with an added half tranducer element.  This gives an emphasis on higher frequencies.

Rockabilly Recoil

Designed for the Rockabilly Player, works without batteries.  This system includes the pickup (bridge transducer element and fingerboard transducer element), and the passive preamp.