At Michael Hartery’s workshop

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Jazz Skateboards

kind of blue




More sports in 2016? Here you go: get a skateboard from manufacturer Western Union featuring Jazz heroes like Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker …
Western Union also offers boards for double bassists, featuring pictures of Richard Davis, Charles Mingus and Paul Chambers.


Granz-Brad richard davis Mingus-Brad Instrument-2-Toeda

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Paper Bass

An amazing double bass made of paper  … with 5 strings! Found at

paper bass

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Playing bass for laughs

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Sears & Roebuck catalogue anno 1902

Back in the early days of the 20th century, the Sears company published mail-order catalogues that offered nearly everything: clothes, shoes, hardware, construction materials, bicycles …  they even started to make their own line of automobiles in 1906. Of course, they also carried all kinds of string instruments and double basses (probably imported from Germany, at this time). Price point: 18.95 USD to 22.85 USD.
You even got a fingerboard chart with every instrument: “It can be firmly gummed to the fingerboard, and in no way interferes with the tone or playing of the instrument.“


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A new Octobass at Oslo/Norway

More about this newly built Octobass at http://magazine.amati.com

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Jazz shoes

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Not my pair of shoes … 

… but I learned a new word: Gildaxe (= a copper-like varnish).
More about this fancy bass varnish project at


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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015


The Frankfurt Musikmesse will take place from April 15 to 18. Like last year, double basses and accessories will be exhibited at hall 3.1.
Jazz at the Freitagsküche: if you aren’t tired from the exhibition, the Freitagsküche might be the hang out venue for you! On Friday, April 17., we are going to have a Jazz Jam Session there, starting at 21:30 with Marcus Becker Quartet as opener band.
Directions: just around the corner from the fairground, at the backyard of Mainzer Landstr. 105 (it’s the same building where our Kontrabass-Atelier is located in).

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Studio legend Carol Kaye

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