off topic: Piano Salon Christophori at Berlin

Not really double bass related, but if you ever come to Germany’s capitol city Berlin, check out what’s up at Piano Salon Christophori, if you (like me) love old instruments.

Founded by Christoph Schreiber, it’s a piano workshop specialized in old concert grand pianos, and a location where unique concerts and recordings take place. Christoph Schreiber (who is also a doctor by profession) and his team are specialists for restoring these old treasures, and take care of the original design of the pianos. The workshop is located in an old factory hall at Berlin-Wedding, and crowded with tools and old pianos waiting for rastauration … and the audience sits within, which is really a unique atmosphere. Their concerts range from classical to Jazz, and despite the fact that the musicians are top-notch, the entrance is free (you tip what you want).





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