Solo Double Bass recordings collection

Sebastian Schaffmeister from Cologne/Germany has been collecting recordings of (mostly) unaccompanied, (mostly) improvised double bass music. He has published an impressive list of recordings of what he found so far on his website

But after years of research and collecting, he thinks about giving up this obsession and looks for a new home for his treasure:
“I am now getting to the point of having almost everything that has been done in this genre since 1964: 400 recordings (if not otherwise indicated CD, more than 60 LP, the rest is 3-inch CD, DVD, MP3, Flexidisc, Cassette) including all major contributions and many extremely rare items. As this effort has become more and more obsessive, I think that I have to let this go and am now looking for a new home for the COMPLETE collection or at least the major part of it. The ideal place being a library, I will consider every other serious offer. The collection is located in Cologne, Germany (please do not ask for single items!).“

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