How bass Solos Ruined Jazz

Bass solos suck. Let’s face it, the ponderous, unwieldy bottom feeder is the least interesting jazz instrument, lacking even the visual appeal of drum solos.

… says Alan Kurtz at In his opinion, one man changed it all: Scott LaFaro. He „perversely transformed the conventional trio from a pianist supported by bass and drums to a bassist backed by piano and drums.“
Scott LaFaro, the Popeye of Jazz, who makes Lennie Tristano run away during a concert set?!?!?

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2 Responses to How bass Solos Ruined Jazz

  1. Dave Frank says:

    What happened between Lennie and LaFaro, never heard that story! You may enjoy this free online Lennie master class at: blessings fr NYC! Dave Frank

    • Anonymous says:

      Chuck Israels tells (or corrects) this story in the comments.
      unfortunately, your Masterclass can’t be viewed here in Germany, due to the YouTube vs. GEMA issue.

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