Esperanza Spalding on YouTube


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  1. nickie says:


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  3. Jürgen Michel says:

    I can´t belive, she´s not from this world, so marveles.

  4. Pablo says:

    My only problem ist that I cannot find a relationship between her Bass playing and her singing. Where are the beats? A little finger-clicking would be helpful

  5. Alf Hansson says:

    Very irritating that the synchronization between picture and sound is not very good. Makes it difficult to really appreciate her playing, which is – as commented by others – indeed on a high level.

  6. Pablo says:

    Yeah, I noticed that, too. But that is not my problem. Even without looking I cannot get the groove. Where ist the one-two-three-four?

  7. Ly says:

    very nice and something out of the world…wish the vid quality is better..definitely a no need for one-two-three-four…jazz improv..

  8. Lunchmeataphobia says:

    She’s extremely talented. It’s too bad some are not talented enough (such as Pablo)to find the easy 4/4 rhythm.

  9. Pablo says:

    at least I can give you and your enormous talent a good feeling!

  10. nickie says:

    poor pablo cant count outside the 4/4 :O(

  11. Nick says:

    This video isnt in sink..
    Go to the link below to see a better version..

    Esperanza is amazing, Once you close your eyes and feel the music the beat will soon follow..

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