One thought on “Jazz shoes

  1. ctrlzjones

    So its skateboarding & Jazz now. Funny, I always thought that this part of the community is into a different style of music …

    The promise of helping you to get into a position of being the one you want to be, how you want to feel or sound like, via consumption, aka a consumers choice, is utterly misleading.

    It does take hours and hours and days and years of practise (which are fun, by the way) to do skateboard tricks or to walk on the bass authentically (e.g. your style, confirming your way of being & feeling).

    It is not something that can be bought into, not with the shoes/boards, not with the strings/pickups/basses. It is not a consumers choice. It is to work your body and the instrument so hard that in the end it follows your intentions.

    That being said, I like the clip, its editing, the feeling. But I never would buy those shoes. Not for skating not for walking. Because I know f or sure that it just does not help to overcome the weaknesses … Playing does, but not buying …


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