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How to calculate a C-extension length

Fingerboard extensions are very common in the USA, but become more and more popular in Europe, too. They have a couple of advantages over a 5-string bass, can get fitted to any 4-string bass and if they are well made, … Continue reading

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Soundpost measurement tool with magnets

If you need a new Soundpost for a double bass, you usually take the already existing Soundpost for reference, and make the new one slightly longer or shorter, whatever you need in particular. While the proper length is not that … Continue reading

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Scordatura Pedals for the Double Bass: a project at Kickstarter

Double Bassist Carter Callison likes to work with different tunings on the double bass. He has developed a Double Bass Retuning Pedal, which allows him to change the tuning of his bass while he plays: Double Bass Retuning Pedals (a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Double Bass photography and books

Pim van der Zwaan is a dutch double bassist and photographer who extensively works with the double bass. At his website and Flickr, he shows some of his photos which mostly have been taken at the workshop of luthier Harry … Continue reading

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Franz Moser’s new version bridge adjusters

At the Frankfurt Musikmesse, Franz Moser has launched his new version of his MPM bridge height adjuster screws. Like the old version, a ball bearing joint allows the bridge feet to follow the top’s movement. The new version screws now … Continue reading

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Violin Society of America/Oberlin Bass Workshop

At the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, June 10–16 This year’s faculty includes David Gage, Arnold Schnitzer, and Jay VandeKopple. Some experience is preferred, and a passion for the string bass is a must. Learn from luthiers with years of experience making, … Continue reading

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The Octobass

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At the bowmaker’s workshop

This video shows Jean-Jacques Augagneur from Lyon (France) making a violin bow. From wood selection, carving, hairing and final adjustments, Augagneur shows and explains all steps of bow making. [youtube=]

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Violin Making live stream

As part of the RNCM’s prestigious Manchester International Violin Competition, the four violin makers William Castle, Helen Michetschläger, Kai-Thomas Roth, and Marc Soubeyran will work together to make a copy of a Guadagnini violin. The making process is broadcasted as live … Continue reading

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New materials in instrument making

Nathan Sawaya is a Brick Artist. He builts things with Lego bricks, and he has recently made a Lego cello: YouTube

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