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Herb Ellis about playing rhythm

Unless it’s your group, people want you to play behind them. And they love it when you play great solos – but let’s face it: they don’t care as long as they are playing great solos. – guitarist Herb Ellis

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Quote of the day

No matter what kind of music you’re playing, the bass enhances the sound and makes it more beautiful and full. Charlie Haden

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Quote: Charlie Haden on closed eyes

H: One of my students at CalArts asked me why I close my eyes when I play. The obvious answer is for concentration, but I told him, “The first night we opened at the Five Spot, I looked across at … Continue reading

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Quote: Billboard Magazine 1926

All over New York it has been noticed that, with most of the prominent bands, the string bass, alias ‘bull fiddle,’ alias ‘dog house,’ is replacing the tuba. Leaders agree that the string bass has a far greater carrying power … Continue reading

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Quote: Joe Pass

 If you hit a wrong note, then make it right by what you play afterwards… Joe Pass

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Quote of the day

“Every once in a while, if I see a beautiful double bass lying backstage at a festival, like Charlie Haden’s bass, I’ll pick it up and hit the E string, just to feel it vibrate against my body. It’s one … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“Your the best bassist I’ve ever had on this band but you’re fired! I can’t hear a note you play.” Stan Kenton, when he fired Scott LaFaro

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Charlie Haden remembers Jimmy Blanton

“He was amazing. Duke Ellington’s band came through St. Louis and played a dance—back then it was dances and not concerts. Afterward Duke went back to the hotel to sleep, and all the musicians went to an after-hours session. This … Continue reading

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Quote: Interview with Charlie Haden and Flea

Flea: The most incredible thing about the upright bass—the few times I’ve played one—is the way you can feel the whole thing vibrate when you have it up against your body. It’s like your body is resonating with the instrument. … Continue reading

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