Drome 1×12″
Type: combo amp
Power Rating: 150 W
Driver: 12″ speaker
Features: Compressor/Limiter, Built-in tube simulator, Stretchable mid-control, Bright-filter
Floating balanced XLR output with built-in speaker simulator.
Serial or parallel stereo effects loop.
Stereo monitor input with Bass Eraser-function (for connecting a CD-player; the “bass eraser” filter removes more or less the bass from the signal, so you can play along any Audio CD.)
Separate stereo headphones driver
9-Volt Phantom Power System (for pedals or active electronics)
Weight: 17 Kg/37 lbs.

ebs microbassMicrobass II
Type: preamp/DI-Box
Features: Input Impedance 10 Mohms (Ch A), 1 Mohms (Ch B), Tone Controls Bass, Treble, Bright, Midrange, Edge; Power Supply: DC, Battery, 48V Phantom power, EBS Phantom Power System


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