Type: combo, three channels
Power rating: 400W@8 Ohm
Drivers: 12″ speaker, tweeter (38Hz–18.5kHz)
Features: Inputs Ch1: line, piezo (10 MegOhms) or mic (48 V phantom powered); Ch2: line, piezo (10 Meg Ohms); Ch3: line, mic (48 V phantom power)
DI out, effects loop, EQ: Ch1/2 bass/mid/treble/colour; Ch3 bass/treble; notch filter, compressor
Size: 400mm x 400 mm x 364 mm
Weight: 25 kg

AERBassic Performer
Type: combo, dual channel
Power rating: 200W
Drivers: 4 x 8″ speakers (60Hz–18kHz)
Features: inputs piezo 1 Meg Ohms, microphone 600 Ohms, Ch1: bass/middle/treble, Ch2: bass/middle/treble/colour; limiter, subsonic filter, enhancer
Size: 530 mm x 360 mm x 400 mm
Weight: 23 kg

2 thoughts on “AER

  1. Bjorn

    I use a Basic Performer, it brings a clean, natural sound and I’m quite happy with it. It has enough bottom, not too much, and the brightness of the double bass sound is preserved. It won’t distort your sound, which many other amplifiers do. It’s perfect for smaller gigs. When used together with a big band and / or in bad rooms, the sound lacks some bottom and is overall too weak. The knobs can be used to some extent, especially the notch filter which helps prevent feedback sounds.

    I’ve used it with electric bass too, but would only recommend it for small situations. The sound easily becomes boring, it will lack punch, edge and bottom.


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