book review: “About the Double Bass“ – a player’s guide by Peter Tyler

Peter Tyler’s book on the Double Bass covers a wide range of topics and answers many questions that both beginners and advanced players may ask their bass luthier or teacher.
Tyler, who runs a double bass workshop near London, has written this book primarily with the player in mind – not the maker or repairer.  The book starts with the anatomy of the bass: sizes, shapes, how it is constructed. Chapter 2 is about the bow, it’s sizes and function, and re-hair. Tyler explains how the acoustic sound is produced, as well as how you can amplify the sound electronically. He explains the different types of strings, and how to change them. He gives advices on buying a bass, and how to maintain and care about it. And he goes beyond things a player usually does by himself: some minor repairs and setup-tasks like positioning the soundpost, fitting bridge feet and bridge adjusters, eliminating buzzes and rattles are described briefly.

“About the Double Bass” is a great resource for all newbies with the double bass, but has also many useful informations for the advanced player.

“About the Double Bass” – 124 pages, 4-color-printing, softcover. Available at the author’s website.

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