Quality Bass Gear

QBG1 Professional Bass Preamp with EQ and DI

Type: preamp
Features: Adjustable input gain (-1 to +20 dB), volume control, with full mute capability
Adjustable high-pass filter to cut unwanted frequencies below those generated by your bottom string, 3-band equalizer optimized for the double bass, Phase reversal switch
Direct Out with 8 dBu of output capability into 600 ohms (1 kHz at 0.5% distortion),
Pre/Post EQ switch for Direct Out, 1 megohm / 10 megohm input impedance switch,
Ground Lift switch

A very lightweight and small preamp, can be mount behind dhe double bass’ tailpiece.


One thought on “Quality Bass Gear

  1. Carl Jackson

    Bill right? it’s been along time. I have i think one of you 1st QBG1 bass pre-amps
    it’s been sounding great for over 10yrs I’D LIKE ANOTHER ONE LOL
    your 1st one was in a wooden box mine still cooks but its gotten worn down
    I think you were in Canada correct


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