Type: combo amp
Power rating: 125 Watts/RMS (8 Ohms)
Drivers: 10” Celestion Speaker
Features: 2 Channels; 12AX7 Tube on Channel 1 – Switchable on/off with an ON LED, Channel 1 – Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, 1/4” Phone Plug
Channel 2 – Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Combo Plug (1/4” Phone or XLR), 20lbs
16 Digital Effects with separate Level Control, Extension Speaker Jack (8 – 16 Ohms), Headphone Jack, Line Out – XLR and ¼” Phone, Line Send / Return, Switchable power supply 120/240V, H 15” X W 12” X D 11”. Input impedance: 1 Mohm (2 MOhm avaliable upon request).


One thought on “Jazzkat

  1. Mick Power

    Hi Folks,
    Was really after PRICE of BASSKAT & BLUESCAT amps, as I am looking to purchase either. I am a DOUBLE BASS player. playing BLUES & ROCKABILLY, & am lead to believe that these amp combi’s are well suited for my needs. I currently use a big PEAVEY 7OOwt cab. with seperate amp, but am looking to ‘downsize’ for smaller venues/gigs.
    Although British, I now live in Portugal, so would be interested in POSTAGE prices too. Regards – Keep Rockin’ Mick


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