Promethean P500H Head

Type: amp head, single channel
Power Rating: 500W
Features: 6-band graphic EQ/bass and treble shelving tone controls, Peak limiting circuit, Vibe (color) control knob, 2-way Clip Indicator, Auxiliary input (1/8″), Balance line out (XLR), Phones out, tuner out (1/8″)
size: 11″W x 10.4″D x 2.2″H
weight: 6.4 lbs Promethean

The Promethean head can be mounted into a combo (like pictured) or used with any high-quality bass speaker cabinet with the appropriate handling requirements.

Promethean 10″ Combo P5110

Detachable P500H head with extension cabinet
Features: 10″ subwoofer rated at 250 watts, High frequency dome tweeter with passive crossover, Tilt-up system
size: 12.8″W x 13.1″H x 14.2″D
weight: 27.6 lbs


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