Sunday Driver
Sunday DriverType: preamp/buffer
Features: input impedance 1 MOhm/4MOhm (switchable), gain control
This little box has not much features, but is very effective: it has a switchable input impedance of 1 or 4 MOhm, which helps to get the best from your piezo pickup. The signal is preamplified without any modification. It is suggested to be used as a impedance matching buffer for electric bass amps (which usually have too low impedance inputs), as a cable driver for large stages, in complex effects set-ups, or as a recording preamp.
available at www.kontrabass-atelier.de
Type: preamp/buffer/DI-box/…
Features: input impedance 1 MOhm/10MOhm (switchable), semi-parametric EQ, two inputs with a/b switch, effects loops, mute switch, tuner out, DI out, booster

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