Lundgaard Amps

lundgaardDouble Combo

Type: combo or amp head
Features: 2 channels
Power rating: 220, 300, 550 watts power-modules
Features: Mic input, Phantom Power, High impedance instrument input.
Each channel with 4 band equalizer, phase switch, Lo cut, -10 db pad, 24 bit effects that pans between channels. Channel switch and mute. 3 line drivers (direct outs), head-phone output, and Neutrik combo sockets for speakon and jack. 230/115 volt mains power.

Designed and hand made (!) by bassist Jesper Lundgaard from Denmark.
(Formerly sold under the Arco Amps brand name)


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4 Responses to Lundgaard Amps

  1. Mathias says:

    Hi everyone,

    I can honestly recommend Jespers amplifiers. I tried the “hugo”, an amplifier he designed for Hugo Rasmussen with just bass and treble controls, a tone switch and a phase switch, one 10″ speaker, 500W, a mute switch and an effects loop. It weighs 7,9 kilos and is the most portable, yet most amazingly natural sounding amp I´ve ever used. I´ve tried it on his bass with a Realist pickup, and quite extensively on my own bass with a Schertler dyn-b. That pickup with this amp is a great combination.

    The amps are built whenever he gets an order, so he offers to fulfill wishes (e.g. when it comes to eq frequencies).

    So, whenever you´re in Copenhagen, give those amps a try and be honestly amazed!

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  3. Jonas says:

    Mathias’ full review can now be found here:

  4. Laurent says:

    Hello,i bought a ArcoAmp DB510 6 month ago.And i had all amp before (OrangeCube 30years ago then Ampeg-Laney-Polytone-GK to Acoustic Image and Walter Woods to)but Arco is the best.Completely pure and neutral.Very powerfull but lightweight small.Incredible,i was waiting for it since always.BRAVO JESPER and thak you.

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