HPF Pre (by fdeck)

Series 3

hpf3Type: preamp
Feautures: volume control, adjustable high-pass filter, Input impedance / capacitance: 10 MΩ / 220 pF, Phase (polarity reversal) switch

This preamp was developped and is manufactured as part-time business by bassist Francis Deck. He doesn’t sell to outside the US: “Unfortunately, the world still has borders. The HPF-Pre product does not carry a CE marking. There may be other countries where the lack of regulatory approval is also a problem. While I am confident that the HPF-Pre would be approved if tested, the cost of testing runs into the thousands of dollars. This is simply impossible for a very small business.”
However, Francis makes the schematics of his preamps available to public for DIY projects.


3 thoughts on “HPF Pre (by fdeck)

  1. John Isom

    Hello ,
    I just used a thumpinator in the studio and was very impressed and wanted to purchase one but was told they were made in England . I did some research on talkbass and was informed that you manufacture a more versatile unit at a better price plus being made here in the good ole USA . I play Hard Rock so I think I should get a series 2 or 3 . What do you recommend ? Can you take an order over the phone ? I not very good working on computers . I have a paypal account on E-Bay if that helps . I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Pete Sidwell

    Are you able to sell me an F-deck HPF? I live in England and happy to pay via PayPal and understand that I will be responsible for the import taxes and shipping costs

    Many thanks


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