LaFaro combo amp

Type: combo amp, 2 channels
Power rating: 280 W
Drivers: 8″ woofer, 1″ doom tweeter

2-channel Class-A preamp, the inputs are suitable for virtually any pickup or microphone; phantom power, 4-band EQ + filters,  3 DI outputs – one for each channel and one in the master-section, effect loop, 

available at


Bass Fidelity B10/B12/B15bassfidelity-B12-1-bk

Type: combo amp, 1 channel
Power Rating: 400 W
Drivers: 10″/12″/15″ + 1″ tweeter


schertlerPUB-280 Active Acoustic Instrument Loudspeaker
Type: active acoustic instrument loudspeaker
Power rating: 280W@8 Ohms
Drivers: 8″ woofer, 1″ compression tweeter (2 way bass reflex)
Range: 22Hz to 22 kHz
Size: 45 x 35 x 37 cm
Weight: 23 kg

PUB-380 Active Bass Extension
Type: active acoustic instrument loudspeaker
Power rating: 380W@8 Ohms
Drivers: 10″ woofer
Range: 35Hz to 120 Hz
Size: 39 x 38 x 26,5 cm
Weight: 19,6 kg

Type: combo amp, 4-channel
Power rating: 150W RMS
Drivers: 8″, Tweeter
Features: Spring Reverb, Phantom Power, effect loop, XLR DI out
Size: 39 x 34 x 27 cm
Weight: 14,5 kg

Type: active speaker (extension speaker for the Unico)
Power rating: 180W RMS
Drivers: 8″ woofer, 1″ dome tweeter
Size: 39 x 34 x 27 cm
Weight: 13 kg

Type: combo amp, two channels
Power rating: 150W
Drivers: 6″, 1″ dome tweeter
Features: Spring Reverb
Range: 40Hz to 22 kHz
Size: 30 x 34 x 24,5 cm
Weight: 9 kg

Type: bass reflex woofer
Power rating: 200W RMS
Drivers: 10″
Range: 25 Hz – 200 Hz
Size: 32 x 36 x 38 cm
Weight: 15,5 kg

The powered loudspeakers offered by Schertler are developped for use with Schertler pickups and preamps (PRE-A II). This speaker cabinets have only a power amp unit with volume control and no preamp/EQ, so an external preamp is a must.
The Unico and David amps are specially designed for use with the Schertler StatB and DynB Pickups; no external Schertler-preamp is needed. The Side and Bass are powered extension speakers for use with David and Unico.


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