RJP Enterprises

SSB-1 Sound Shaper
Type: preamp
Features: 9V battery powered, volume/bass/trebel controls

SSB-2 Sound Shaper
Type: preamp
Features: mixed signal technology (combining digital control from an embedded processor and high precision audio analog circuitry), 5-band graphic equalizer (optimized to cover the bass and cello ranges), phase shift

Each band (and volume control) has 256 discrete adjustment points that are set at the touch of a pushbutton.  All settings are precisely repeatable upon each power up and all are saved in non-volatile FLASH memory on power down under control of the system processor.  On power up, all settings are automatically retrieved.  Additionally, the SSB-2 is capable of storing up to 8 sets of player settings.  Using a keyed pushbutton sequence, you can store and recall each set from memory at anytime.”
Both preamps are designed to mount directly to the pickup output jack.


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