Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015


The Frankfurt Musikmesse will take place from April 15 to 18. Like last year, double basses and accessories will be exhibited at hall 3.1.
Jazz at the Freitagsküche: if you aren’t tired from the exhibition, the Freitagsküche might be the hang out venue for you! On Friday, April 17., we are going to have a Jazz Jam Session there, starting at 21:30 with Marcus Becker Quartet as opener band.
Directions: just around the corner from the fairground, at the backyard of Mainzer Landstr. 105 (it’s the same building where our Kontrabass-Atelier is located in).

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Studio legend Carol Kaye

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Build-a-Bass in a Week at the 2015 ISB Convention?

Under the direction of Paul Hart, chair of the 2015 ISB Maker’s Competition workmanship judges panel, the ISB is inviting working bass luthiers attending the convention to help attempt a first in ISB Convention history. The participating luthiers are going to build a double bass in a week during the convention! This one-of-a-kind instrument will then be raffled off at the end of the week (tickets for the drawing will only be available for sale on-site at the convention), with proceeds benefiting the ISB.

Convention attendees will be able to stop by and watch the work in progress, and ask questions about the luthier’s art and process. There will even be opportunities for amateurs to assist with some of the unskilled prep work.

Luthiers and amateurs, if you are interested in helping out and want more information, please email Dustin Williams, chair of the 2015 ISB Maker’s Competition, at

The deadline to enter the 2015 ISB Maker’s Competition is May 1st.
The 7th biennial ISB Maker’s Competition will be held June 1st-2nd at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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New design at my T-shirt shop

follow mefollow me design

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Mr Rogers at the Double Bass factory

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Workshop tip: soundpost inspection lamp from IKEA


The new IKEA desk lamp “Harte” makes a perfect workshop lamp for soundpost inspection and similar tasks. It’s made of an aluminium tube, with an adjustable the LED lamp head. It’s super-slim, and easy to insert into the ƒ-holes, while the triangle foot stands firmly on the top.

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Parce que le crayon sera toujours au dessus de la barbarie.


Jazz, dessiné par Cabu (Jean Cabut; 13 January 1938 – 7 January 2015)

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Motorized Bow

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ISB Holiday Greetings

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Prestoflex: a new string for double bass


As you may know, I not only write about the double bass here at my weblog, I also keep me busy with a lot of other double bass related activities. One of these things is string development. Together with my partners from Presto at Gdansk/Poland, I recently developed a new steel string: the Prestoflex.

How do they sound and play? Other than our Jazzicato string, our recent launch, the Prestoflex is a steel string (flexible steel core with smooth chromesteel wrapping) . So it’s probably much less a niche product as the nylonwound Jazzicatos are.
Curious? Nico Catacchio from Italy published a video at Youtube, and some more comments are already published at

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