Bass 2008 at Paris

“A very big convention for bass players from all over the world will be held for the first time in Paris at the CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL SUPERIEUR de MUSIQUE et de DANSE de PARIS from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2008.
This meeting will include renowned artists representing all styles: classical, contemporary classical, avant-garde and jazz – publishers and producers, instrument makers and all you can imagine that exists for and about the bass and the double bass.
Players will do master-classes, show-cases, clinics and recital performances.
A competition of composition for double bass is organized, a player’s competition with four categories recital, orchestra, Jazz, contemporary music, and a mini-bass competition (7 to 18 years old) will be held.
Master classes and competitions will be held in the morning, performances will take place in the afternoon. Each evening a big concert-panorama will have place with players from different styles following each other on the same stage.
Our wish is to produce encounters and discoveries, to improve learning methodologies and teaching methods, to emphasize technical and expressive progress, to decompartmentalize and to create exchanges and new links.

Classicals :
Božo Paradžik, Dan Styffe, Niek de Groot, Giuseppe Ettorre, Alberto Bocini, Roman Patkolo, Boguslaw Furtok, Jeff Bradetish, Yoshio Nagashima, Teppo Hauta Aho, Ekkehard Beringer, Daniel Marillier, Thierry Barbé, Bernard Cazauran, Lasse Lagerkranz, Rinat Ibraghimov, trio Bass’in, Joel Quarrington, Gottfried Engels, Antonio Garcia Araque, Diana Gannett, Miloslav Gelinek, Hans Sturm, François Rabbath, Paul Ellison, Thom Knific, Marc Morton, Catalin Rotaru, George Vance, Luis Cojal…..

Rufus Reid, John Patiticci, Benoit Dunoyer, Bruno Chevillon, Claude Tchamitchian, Riccardo del Fra, Frederick Monino, Renaud Garcia Fons, Hein van de Geyn …

Contemporary music: Barre Philips, Stefano Scodanibbio, Jean-Paul Celea, Jean-Pierre Robert, Michel Thouseau…

Baroque: Tobias Gloecker, David Sinclair, Rob Nairn, Joe Carver, Michael Greenberg, Richard Myron …

The 2008 team: Thierry Barbe, Riccardo Del Fra, Didier Goury, Gregoire Blin, Jean Damien Lagarde, Claudine Petiot, Sylvain Lamotte.”

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    can you plesae mail me the result ?

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