Upton Bass

Revolution Solo
Type: piezo
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

“The Revolution Solo” transducer piezo element is embedded in a piece of spruce, and wedged under the bridge wing. Different sounds can be achieved by mounting the sensor with either one or the other side facing upwards.

The Source

Type: piezo
Mode: passive
Preamp: –

“The Source” pickup is based on the Revolution Solo pickup, but built into the bridge’s leg permanentely.


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One Response to Upton Bass

  1. Aaron Saunders says:

    I traded my Underwood for a Revoluton Solo 3 years ago. Nothing wrong with the Underwood, but the Revolution made a huge change in my amplified tone.

    1950’s factory German DB -> Thomastik Dominant strings -> Rev. Solo pickup -> Acoustic Image Contra Series Ia amplifier. I mainly play jazz, blues, and latin on my DB so I wanted a really punchy, dark sound.

    Sounds great through the whole range, really “softens” thumb position which can with certain pickups get kind of “plinky” if you know what I mean. Also sounds very nice for arco, although I suppose most performing classical players would be mic’d.

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